How to boost your Shopee Product for free

Konigle allows you to boost your Shopee products, for free! Please see the steps below:

  1. Login to your Konigle account by clicking the Small Icon beside the “Help” button (Top right corner).

  1. Select the correct store. See image below:

  1. Once you are in the right store, select ALL TOOLS and select Shopee Auto Product Bumper:

  1. Select the Shopee product/s that you would like to boost by clicking the +Bump button, or you can also click the bump all of your products by clicking Bump all.

Once you have the products, click ACTIVATE

  1. You can see the number of products boosted in the Shopee Auto Product Bumper Dashboard

  1. This will also enable you to stop products from being boosted. Simply click the Trash can icon and then hit Stop:

  1. You can change the Bump recommendations by selecting the options:

Then click SAVE to apply the change/s.

To know more about the tools and how you can utilize them for your store, you may go to this link.