How to create a seller account in Shopee Philippines?

How to create a seller account in Shopee Philippines?

Hi @joyce_seller welcome! there are 2 ways to create a seller account in Shopee.

To create a seller account, please follow these steps:

In Mobile

  1. Download the Shopee App from your App store
    Shopee PH App

  2. Open the app and click on “Me” at the lower left part of the app.

  3. Click on Sign up.

  4. Sign up using your mobile number or connect your account via Google or Facebook. Apple users can also connect their apple account.

  5. From your account, click on Start Selling then Start Registration.

  6. Set your Shop Information accordingly.

  7. Once done, click Submit. You will now be prompted to start Adding your products.

In Desktop:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Create an account

  3. Sign up using your mobile phone number and click Next.

  4. Select your verification method.

  5. Once verified, proceed to add add your Shop name, Pick up Address and Phone Number.

  6. It will now prompt you to the seller dashboard and you can click on Add New Product under Products to list your first item.


  • Make sure that your mobile phone number and email address is verified.
  • Set your pick up address
  • Boost your products for FREE using Konigle’s Auto Product Bumper.

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Hi @joyce_seller Welcome sa Konigle!

Sobrang boom ng Shopee nowadays sa Pilipinas. :blush:

Maari mo ring sundang ang mga sumusunod para gumawa ng Seller account sa Shopee.

  1. I-download ang Shopee app sa iyong App store.
  2. Kung ito ang unang beses na gagamitin mo ang app, mag register lamang sa pamamagitan ng pag click ng “Me” sa kanang bahagi ng app.
  3. Pindutin ang Sign up.
  4. Mag sign up gamit ang iyong cellphone number. Pwede ring direktang i-connect ang iyong Google or Facebook account.
  5. Sa iyong account, pindutin ang Start Selling kasunod ang art Registration.
  6. Maaari ng simulang ang paglagay ng iyong Shop Information katulad ng Shop Name, Pick up Address, email address at cellphone number. Siguraduhing verified ang iyong number.
  7. Pindutin ang Submit. Maari ka ng mag add ng iyong ibebentang products.

Ang Konigle ay may tool na magagamit sa pag Auto Bump ng iyong products. Maari mo itong ma access sa pamamagitan ng pang connect ng iyong Shopee store sa Konigle app.

Mag sign up sa page na ito:

Happy selling! :rocket: