How to run promotion & drive traffic from your loyal customers

You can use promotions such as single’s sale, Black Friday and any other sales to let your loyal customers know about your campaign and offer you are running at your store. Through these campaigns you may also want to bring more traffic to your store and increase revenue.

What is the Problem?

  • Whenever you run a promotion on your store and want to inform your loyal customers about it. Shopify doesn’t give you the option to identify customers who are most likely to be interested in your offer and inform them about the deal
  • At the same time, you want to see how your campaign performs and how well it has done. You won’t have this option on Shopify because you need to install a suite of apps for each use case. This creates the challenge of making sure these apps work together and you end up spending a lot of time & money.
  • It is difficult to see the performance of your campaign at one place when you have so many apps required for this task

How Konigle can help?

  • We provide a single shortcut which takes care of creating an offer & running campaign on them end-to-end. The complete process takes less than 5-minutes
  • A single dashboard to track all your important stats
  • Flexibility to tweak your campaign even during it is launched
  • In-built Email campaign & SMS campaign designer to reach your target customer
  • Cost-effective, as you do not need to pay for that long list of apps

Let’s see how it is done

Take an example: You want to create promotion (for 2 days) on all the three variant of apple watch strap by giving 10% discount. Assuming that VIP customers is the target group and are likely to be interested about this offer, so you want to inform them immediately by email.

Steps to follow:

  1. Goto the Pricing tab from left menu to open Bulk Price Editor

  2. Identify the product on which you want to run campaign. You can see a rich set of filters on the right side to fine tune your product selection.

  3. Once you have selected the products, click Submit to create price change request In the next step check the box Notify Customers via email and proceed to next step

    Screen Recording 4-26-2022 at 4.45 PM

  4. Now is the time to design your campaigns. You can design email as well as sms campaign. Select the target customer.

  5. You will see a wide varieties of options available. Let us select by tag - “VIP”. You can see that for VIP tag has 4 customers in this segment

  6. In a step-by-step process accept the price change and create the promotion

  7. You can see that price change request has been created, now you need to go to the Outreach section to design your campaign

  8. You can see the draft email and sms campaign is ready for you

    a. First, let us go to the sms campaign

    b. You can edit the message and update the landing page url. Below, you can also the the summary of messages to be sent to customers

    c. Once you are satisfied with contents, you can either launch the campaign immediately or schedule it for later time.

    d. You can also see the summary of your campaign here

  9. Next, lets setup the email campaign

    a. You can see the one email template has been created for you. You can add/delete/edit fields and make it suitable for you. The template is fully customizable and gives you wide range of options to customize your email. Learn More: Email Customizing Guide

    b. You can also select the product on which you are running the promotion. It is always a good practice to include such product in the email so that user can directly go to the product page from the email

    c. After you have customized you email. It’s time to preview your email and send a test email to yourself to get the feel of how it will appear in the customer’s mailbox.

    d. Now, it’s time to launch the campaign.

  10. Once you have launched, you will see the summary:

  11. Sit tight :rocket:, Konigle will do the rest of heavy lifting for you. And anytime you feel like modifying your campaign you can do so from the Pricing → History → Outreach

  12. That’s not all! See all the stats📊 that matters to you

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